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Urbanization can be LED lighting industry to help straw?


Winter, surplus, shuffling into 2012 LED industry, the most popular keywords, the restlessness LED the industry awash performance loss, not to do business boss on foot, the helplessness of the company closed down, however, for the LED such an emerging sunrise industry, entrepreneurs are still reluctant to give up, although the LED market last year is not too optimistic. But now the central pushing urbanization is bound to drive the infrastructure, such as real estate, decoration industry consumption. LED industry has a close relationship with the real estate industry, LED lighting will also benefit from this is a good news for long-term downturn in the LED lighting industry.

In 2012, China's LED lighting industry, is destined to be a year of crisis. Due to macro-economic regulation of the real estate policy, the entire investment in the real estate market slowed down, as a real estate downstream LED lighting industry also felt the "chill" unprecedented. Most LED lighting business major decrease in the volume of business, coupled with the rising cost of raw materials, operating costs and logistics, further exacerbating the plight of the LED market.

According to the survey, the majority of LED lighting companies due to the real estate control policies are basically closed down, while the closure of enterprises are some around some well-known companies, such as large horizons photoelectric photoelectric Absen Haobo photoelectric, vision photoelectric, Dragon Optical Dongguan Huachen photoelectric. Currently, the size of the domestic LED lighting market downturn, the competition is very fierce. Experts said that the LED lighting industry in the next year or usher in greater shuffle, the status and development of the industry is still not optimistic. Specific performance LED product homogeneity serious lack of standards, intense competition within the industry. Price wars continue to unfold, the industry will face a pattern adjustment, reshuffle.

Statistics, in 2012, LED maintain a growth rate of about 20%, the industrial scale of about 190 billion yuan. Slowed the economic impact of the growth rate of the LED than before, but the the LED average earnings level is still higher than the traditional industry. LED Lighting Forum recently held a public building space, the China Semiconductor Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance, Vice Secretary-General Yang Lanfang 2012 LED industry to adjust to changes in the year, industry competition pattern and the driving force of industrial development reflects the adjustment trend . Is expected in 2013, with the launch of new products, the field of domestic market segments open, the morphology of the domestic market will be changed significantly, previous LED applications rely heavily on the international market situation will be eased. Products reduce the price, performance improvement, LED industry will usher in faster development.

According to media reports, said the promotion of urbanization, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries involved in the preparation of the National Health Development Plan (2011-2020) "will be announced in two of the country before and after. The planning involves more than 20 cities nationwide group of more than 180 prefecture-level cities and the construction of more than 10,000 cities and towns, the development of ideas for new urbanization.

Hainan Reform and Development Institute, said Chi Fulin, the one described in the article entitled "Release of the reform dividend", the next 10 years, the new urban population will reach about 400 million, even if at a lower standard expected, migrant workers, the public of 100,000 yuan per capita investment in fixed assets calculated to increase to 40 trillion yuan of investment demand.

The continued downturn in the LED industry is expected to usher in a new dawn in multiple industries will be the "last straw" for the start of the new urbanization. Which the LED industry will significantly benefit from the advance of the new urbanization.

Urbanization and low-carbon energy trends is an important growth point in the future LED industry, the development of urbanization will bring life to the LED business. The experts believe that the speed of urbanization will drive the development of infrastructure in urban and rural areas, to stimulate investment, stimulating consumption. The LED industry as part of the construction and automotive industry chain, with the development of other industries have more market demand, so as to stimulate the development of the LED industry to inject fresh vitality into a prolonged slump in the LED industry. Whether, LED industry could benefit from the medium to long term remains to be the challenge of the market, requires companies to continuously improve the technology, services and system.

Development of urbanization, the LED industry "resurrection" can become a trump card? Time remains to be further research.