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LED industry in 2013 will usher in faster development


LED Lighting Forum recently held a public building space, the China Semiconductor Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance, Vice Secretary-General Yang Lanfang 2012 LED industry to adjust to changes in the year, industry competition pattern and the driving force of industrial development reflects the adjustment trend .

The driving force of industrial development will be adjusted. In 2012, LED maintain a growth rate of about 20% to about 190 billion yuan industrial scale. Slowed the economic impact of the growth rate of the LED than before, but the the LED average earnings level is still higher than the traditional industry. LED development bottleneck is still the price, but as the technology continues to improve, the prices have declined, and this trend will continue in 2013. Different LED industry has began to shift to a market-pull technology-driven industries.

Lighting applications, LED development has become the main driving force and the new core. In 2012, the application of LED lighting in the area to maintain a growth rate of 40%, accounting for 28% of the LED application lighting applications. The new product brings the innovation of the business model, future LED market demand to meet the various needs of the market segmentation, concerned about market segmentation than simply concerned about the performance of the LED indicators are more commercial future.

LED industry in 2013 will usher in faster development

Industrial concentration gradually enhance the leading role of the leading enterprises appeared. In 2012, the industry structure adjustment, LED downstream applications investment increased significantly. In this regard, Yang Lanfang reminded LED application areas of investment to remain rational and avoid redundant construction. Some domestic enterprises have become an influential enterprise integration of leading enterprises will become the norm in the future. It should be noted that many companies face patent issues, which will become the enterprise development risks.

Leading enterprises, industry organizations and agencies to accelerate the pace of standards development. In 2012, the semiconductor lighting standards at the national level leading group Group established, based on technological innovation and industrial needs. The same time, the standard-setting mode shift than in the past, more inclined to develop independent technology support standard master the application field of international discourse.

Yang Lanfang, expected in 2013, with the launch of new products, the field of domestic market segments open, the morphology of the domestic market will be changed significantly, previous LED applications rely heavily on the international market situation will be eased. Products reduce the price, performance improvement, LED industry will usher in faster development.