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March 14: the LED emitters Industrial Science and Technology Exhibition City Lighting Exhibition


Show Time :2013-03-14 to 2013-03-16

The exhibition city: Hangzhou

Exhibition Venue: Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center


Hangzhou - the capital of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang political, economic and cultural center, sitting on a number of research institutions, enterprises and institutions, as well as many engineering procurement unit, so as to ensure the overall quality of the exhibition; organized this exhibition to promote the East China and the Yangtze River Delta region LED lighting industry information, market-oriented process, strengthen the domestic and foreign high-tech development and cooperation of the LED, the promotion and application of new technologies, new products, and accelerate the development of LED lighting industry in Zhejiang. LED industry in the 21st century the most high-tech industry for the development of high-tech prospects, is fueling the global lighting and display of the revolution, the rapid development of China's LED industry in recent years. The worldwide demand for LED display in the next few years, every year billions of dollars, a large full-color LED display will serve as information dissemination, advertising the new carrier. With the Zhejiang Hangzhou cultural metropolis planning and development building, a huge capital investment to bring a broader development prospects. The building of a new civilization, a new culture, is not only one for the nation, for the glory of their country, but also enhance their own brand, a golden opportunity to show and publicity; For this reason, will be held on 14-16 March 2013, "2013 LED luminous body of Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Industrial Technology Exhibition City Lighting Exhibition "; the exhibition, exhibitors can understand the industry's latest developments, master within the industry, absorbing the introduction of a system of advanced scientific technology, establish a corporate image to show the corporate brand , to promote exchanges and cooperation between the industry and promote investment work to improve the level of opening up, showing the image of the city of Hangzhou, promote the development of LED lighting industry in Zhejiang and lasting prosperity. The exhibition business opportunities, market potential is huge, and invite you to join this exhibition, to create a market for mutual benefit.


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