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Green light source: new opportunities in lighting industry


As the world's most watched new generation light source, LED because of its advantages of high brightness, low heat, long life, non-toxic, recyclable utilization, is known as the most promising development in the 21st century green lighting. The data show that the global field of LED technology and patents, more than half of a small number of large companies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries. With the booming LED market, more and more foreign enterprises to turn its attention to China, the number of patent applications in recent years of the admissibility of the field of LED yearly increase significantly.

The global LED market demand increase further, offers great opportunities for the future development of the LED industry in China. However, in order to achieve long-term development of China's LED industry must break surrounded by layers of these patents. In addition to the core technology competitiveness Combination is also a major factor in the development. However, independent research and development of domestic enterprises, strengthen, expand the scale and improve product quality and technical level is the primary task at this stage.

Electric Division, breakthrough technology and patent monopoly. The data show that the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CLP Branch) LED photoelectric conversion efficiency of 130 lumens / watt, indicates that our products have reached world-class level of industrialization. Accompanied by social and environmental awareness and market development, CLP Section green lighting demonstration project is a nationwide, even worldwide promotion and application. Fujian Quanzhou South Huizhou Expressway pocket the 1st Tunnel into use one thousand LED tunnel lights, saving 350,000 kWh per year; decorated with Potala Palace LED landscape lighting, modern lighting effects and Tibetan architecture, folklore, religion The faith blends; Hot Springs County in Xinjiang, LED lighting engineering plays an important role in the protection of the good local ecological environment. Moreover, Myanmar, Pakistan, Australia, the same to be able to see the the Electric Division LED lighting engineering figure.

In October 2012, the Electric Division million people in the auditorium of the Great Hall of the People bear LED lighting renovation project is the successful completion of the acceptance. In this project, the Electric Division provides Gypsophila pentacle, light line three times lamp, wall lamp, auditorium gazebo lighting. The engineered only lighting one on the conservation of electricity 80%, 30% brightness increase, the group of lights lower the temperature to about 50 ℃, reducing the load on the air conditioning, a model of the reconstruction project of China's energy conservation for the semiconductor green lighting applications and promotion play a positive role to promote the demonstration effect, but also to become another specialty practice Electric Division combines enterprise product technology advantage, to serve the community, actively fulfill their social responsibilities.

In addition, the Electric Division completed a system-wide ISO14001 environmental management system certification, strict implementation of energy saving management approach, the waste management program "all kinds of management practices and regulations, and effectively control their own level of energy consumption and waste residue, waste water emissions, greenhouse gases and other emissions. According to the 2011 Social Responsibility Report data show that until the end of 2011, energy saving and environmental protection investment of 83 million yuan million increase in the value of the comprehensive energy consumption of 0.138 tons of standard coal, sulfur dioxide emissions to 350.748 tons, COD emissions of 528.1 tons, members of the unit by the Environmental Management system certification of a total of 35.